Perform the steps listed below to create a new audience. See "Determining the Number of Audiences to Create" for more information.

Only admin users can create new audiences. To see which users on your account are admin users, select the "Users" tab from the Company Settings page. LiveRamp recommends that only one person per company should be responsible for managing users in Connect.

1. From the left sidebar menu, hover over ADMIN and then select "My Company Settings" to navigate to the Company Settings page.

2. Click the Audiences tab.

3. Click the green lightning bolt icon and then select "+ New Audience". Shot 2018-01-24 at 4.51.21 PM-LAA.png

4. In the Create an Audience window, enter the name of your new audience. Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.59.48 AM-p14.png

5. Select one of the following device types for the audience:

  • icon-MYA.jpgPII: Personally-identifiable information, including name and postal, email, and hashed email (for example, "").
  • icon-3YU.jpgIDL: IdentityLinks - LiveRamp’s universal, encrypted identifiers that LiveRamp customers and partners receive (for example, "XY1000r99GR8_vGdKIEZt98TLMY6RKCI3kYrEdaM3SF0twCqN").
  • icon-YQg.jpgCookie: A partner cookie in sync with LiveRamp (for example, "134c3ef6-19af-469f-940f-46f948491f8e"). Note: Partner cookie IDs can be in many different formats.
  • ID icon-bAI.jpgIDFA or AAID: Mobile device identifiers; Apple's ID for Advertising (IDFA) and Google's Android Advertiser ID (AAID)(for example, "6219dbf3d457cf1419bd855e21ea247ac4b08949"). Note: IDFAs and AAIDs are frequently SHA1 hashed.
  • ID icon-H8o.jpgCustom ID: An account-based user ID understood by LiveRamp (for example, "535c3ef6-19af-469f-940f-46f948491f8e"). Note: Partner custom IDs can be in many different formats.

6. Click Create Audience.

Your new audience is now available.

We have a 90-day retention window for cookie files and a 2-year retention window for mobile files.
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Updated 12/12/18.