LiveRamp has developed recommended audience limits to minimize delays and ensure maximum performance. When managing your audiences, make sure to take into account the recommended audience limits listed below:

Note: Depending on your contract, you might be required to adhere to these limits.



Unique Records

Maximum 500,000,000 per audience

Segment data fields (segment categories, such as “Gender”)

Maximum 500 per audience

Derived segments (segments that are created by applying rules to segments in Connect)

Maximum 100 per audience

File uploadsMaximum average of 1 file per hour (1 file per day for PII-based UK data and 1 file per week for PII-based French data)
Exceeding the maximum average of file uploads per audience might result in SLAs not being met. When uploading multiple US data files, do not exceed 24 per day.

Note: When creating files for upload to a particular audience, make sure to take into account the recommended file limits as well as the file formatting guidelines.

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Updated 11/30/18.