Data onboarding with LiveRamp activates offline first-, second-, and third-party data, as well as contextual data, in and across any marketing channel. Simply put, LiveRamp enables marketers to activate their offline CRM and transaction data in the online ecosystem. This allows for people-based marketing across all digital applications.

LiveRamp resellers offer their reseller clients premier LiveRamp services, enabling their reseller clients to make offline data actionable online. One implementation of this service is provided through our Connect UI; these instructions will help you get started with this option.

Want to implement through your UI? Resellers can also offer LiveRamp’s capabilities within their own UI through the use of the LiveRamp Quick Onboard API. Contact your LiveRamp representative to learn more.

Overview of Steps

Before your clients’ data can be onboarded, you must set up the necessary reseller client customer accounts in Connect.

Once you have set up the necessary customer account, you have the option of having your reseller client manage the rest of the onboarding process or you can do that for them. 

Note sure which option to use? Consult your Product Operations Manager to help understand which onboarding option is best for you.

Set Up Reseller Client Customer Accounts

In Connect, resellers and reseller clients both have “customer accounts.” Via customer accounts, users can upload their offline data and distribute to the end destination. 

To create a customer account for a reseller client, log in to your parent reseller customer account in Connect and then follow the steps in “Add a New Reseller Client”.

If you haven’t received login credentials: Contact your LiveRamp Product Operations Manager.

Only users with “Admin” level permissions can add reseller client customer accounts: Contact your LiveRamp representative if you need your permission level changed. 

To give a user the ability to upload files via SFTP, enter their email address in the “Send SFTP credentials to” field, which will send an email to that user (this can only be done for one user for each reseller client account).

Users you add will receive an email with directions for how to access Connect. These credentials will expire in 24 hours. 

Understanding LiveRamp’s Customer Account Hierarchy

Customer accounts are structured in a hierarchy:

  • The reseller’s customer account (the “parent account’): users of this account have access to the reseller’s customer account, as well as all reseller client customer accounts

  • Reseller client customer accounts (“child accounts”): users of these accounts only have access to their specific customer account

This hierarchical structure enables resellers to manage all their clients’ customer accounts in Connect, while making sure clients only have access to their own customer account and data.

Onboard Data

After the necessary reseller client customer accounts have been created, either you or your reseller client can handle the onboarding process, which involves uploading data into LiveRamp and distributing data to the end destination. See “Onboarding Guide for Reseller Clients” for complete instructions.

LiveRamp’s match rates for offline to online onboarding are typically 30-60%, depending on the type and quality of uploaded information. The onboarding process takes 2-7 days depending on data volumes and workflows.

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Updated 1/3/20.